Our Premium Foam Mattresses are Covered by a 10 Year Limited Warranty! Please retain your receipt as your warranty record.

The limited warranty covers the following issues:

  • Body impressions of more than 1 1/2 inches over all sleeping surfaces

The limited warranty does NOT cover:

  • Body impressions of less than 1 1/2 inches on all sleeping surfaces
  • Comfort preferences
  • Sheet fit
  • Mattress damage due to inappropriate support
  • Transportation costs
  • Bed height
  • Stains
  • Outer mattress fabric and/or cover

Healthy Rest Mattress offers a warranty on products as stipulated, and unless explicitly stated otherwise, for applicable products (i) sold to original customers only, and (ii) if the request for warranty is received within the corresponding number of calendar days from the date of original invoice. For warranty applicable returns, if exchange or repair is not available, credit will be issued to the purchaser’s credit card. Purchaser is responsible for return shipping. Any missing product or product which has been physically processed in any way beyond the originally shipped condition may result in a decrease or full forfeiture in replacement value. Healthy Rest Mattress does not warranty used, as is, production fallout, or repair stock conditions.

Care & Maintenance

Upon receiving, leave your new mattress completely uncovered for 24-48 hours so that the slight foam odor can escape and dissipate, and the premium foam mattress can return to normal shape and size after transporting.

The anti-microbial outer covers on our premium foam mattresses are removable and can be dry-cleaned. However, ensure the foam quilted to the top of the cover is not exposed to, or allowed to absorb, any moisture. We recommend the use of a high-quality, waterproof mattress pad to protect the foam from moisture. Care should be taken to avoid spills or moisture which will be absorbed by the viscos-elastic foam if not properly protected.

Healthy Rest premium foam mattresses are designed with a single sleeping surface, so they do not require being flipped. However, your premium foam mattress should be rotated 180 degrees every 90 days to promote longevity and even wearing.

Your mattress should be supported by a firm, flat foundation. Examples include, but are not limited to a box spring, foundation box, platform bed with adequate slats, or the floor. When using a box spring or foundation box, your frame must be built with at least one center support bar and leg.

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