A Comprehensive Guide to Our Non-Toxic Natural Mattresses

At Healthy Rest Mattress, we strive to provide the absolute best non-toxic natural mattresses to each and every one of our customers. We understand how important sleep is and there are chemicals in many mattresses that we are unknowingly harmed by every single night. In order to achieve the best rest possible, we’ve developed a variety of mattresses created from renewable materials to help reduce this risk of unnecessary chemical exposure. Each of our Healthy Rest mattresses utilizes sustainable materials in a way that never sacrifices your comfort or support.

The Dreamer: The Dreamer non-toxic natural mattresses are one of our best selling products and provide exceptional comfort and support. This mattress can fit any bed size from twin to king and the woven bamboo fibers will help you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Premier + Gel: With a variety of layered memory foams, the Premier + Gel mattress is perfect for sleeping well without breathing in harmful toxins. These non-toxic natural mattresses are made with gel, which creates perfect support with cooling properties.

Deluxe + Gel: Owning a mattress with cooling properties can be extremely beneficial, no matter what season it is and the Deluxe + Gel is the best there is. The Deluxe + Gel non-toxic natural mattresses will help keep you cool and refreshed no matter your sleeping situation.

Tranquility + Gel: Another one of our gel mattresses, the Tranquility + Gel is an exceptional choice for any bedroom, as it is available in twin through king sizes. This premium foam mattress will allow you to sleep well without inhaling harmful flame retardants and other dangerous chemicals.

Revitalize + Gel: The Revitalize + Gel mattress is constructed with air-flow regulating DreamFoam so you can sleep in comfort all night long. These non-toxic natural mattresses have gelCore high density memory foam for exceptional comfort and a sturdy 7” rise.

Legacy + Gel: The Legacy + Gel non-toxic natural mattresses were created with your comfort in mind as the premium support memory foam will mold to perfectly support your lower back and neck. The gel foam is woven within the quilting for extra softness all night long.

Rejuvenate + Gel: The last mattress in our collection is the Rejuvenate + Gel, which provides a comfortable sleeping experience with high quality memory foam and woven bamboo fibers. Shop this mattress and all of our sleeping products today!