Improve the Air in Your Home with Non-Toxic Natural Mattresses

Though it may not be at the forefront of our mind, the quality of our indoor air can directly affect our daily lives. Whether you suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory symptoms, polluted air within the home can make these afflictions so much worse. One way to keep the air clean within your home, specifically in the bedrooms, is to invest in non-toxic natural mattresses. These chemical free mattresses commonly made from renewable materials such as bamboo and aloe vera, will help you sleep cleaner and calmer each and every night.

According to the EPA, there are 3 main categories of indoor pollutants that can potentially cause serious health issues through prolonged exposure. These categories are combustion pollutants, volatile organic compounds, and asthma and allergy triggers. When looking to reduce the chemicals in your bedroom purchasing non-toxic natural mattresses will help you reduce the asthma and allergy triggers that get into your home.

One thing you may not have thought of when investing in a traditional spring mattress is that over time, they become a haven for mildew, mold, and dust mites. Now you may dismiss the thought of dust mites being any kind of major hazard, but they can actually have a severe impact on your health, as many people are allergic to them. With non-toxic natural mattresses, you won’t experience the buildup of mite dander, dead skill cells, and dust that accumulate on the mattress springs.

Non-toxic natural mattresses can also help you prevent your exposure to volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Boric Acid, Antimony, and Decabromodiphenyl Oxide can be commonly found within conventional mattresses and are easily absorbed into the skin. Side effects of these chemicals include things such as reproductive and developmental issues, heart and lung damage, and hair and memory loss.

If you’re looking for an all-natural mattress to reduce the amount of toxins found in your home, look no further than Healthy Rest Mattress. We sell a variety of non-toxic natural mattresses and pillows constructed with CertiPUR-US approved foams, bamboo, and aloe vera. Shop now at and give us a call at (703) 820-4046 for more information on all of our products.